Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Up Coming Litter #1 Tugnuts Teddy and Tugnuts Pouncer

Tugnuts Teddy X Tugnuts Pouncer

This litter is due the 2nd of October 2007 and has created quit a bit of interest considering that it has not "officially" been announced.

Teddy is one of the most physically correct Males i have had the opportunity to view and his movement is as percise as a switch watch. I am quite confident that he with throw the same into the pups. ( picture above)

Pouncer is a very special girl who is a Elevenpeaks Simon Daughter (picture to the left). This is going to be her first litter and we anicipate that she will bring that large bone and head to the pups.

Needless to say we are excited and are ready to start taking deposits on this litter.

If your interested in getting more information about either of these dogs please contact us at:



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