Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Breeding Your Dog

I just wanted to make a few things clear about breeding dogs because there are a few misconceptions about breeding american bulldogs . True ethical breeding requires time, money, education, and experience, and often yields little or no financial profit, if you doubt this i can give you my wifes email

As well there is a huge pet overpopulation problem, I believe that no dog should be bred unless there's a dam good reason to do so.
Here are some of the reasons NOT TO BREED:

*extra money- no ethical breeder makes living from it ho wthe hell do you think you will. If you can tell me i would be greatly interested as it is a bad business venture for me and i know business quite well. If i were to spend the same amount of time working for walkmart as a greeter i would be driving a brand new corvete.
You have Vet bills, food bills, equipment costs, heat, dog shows, training, education, advertising, building costs, gas, insurance, time and "extras's leave little money left over if any at all.

I want my children to witness the miracle of birth- What a load of your kids a video and save the unwanted puppies you will create from being killed in a shelter.

Last year 3-4 million dogs and cats were killed and the vast majority of breeders have just one litter without thought of genetics,where the animals will be sold and what type of screening you will do for the prospective owners. Adopt a animal if you want a pet for the kids.

I breed because i want to better my breed. I wish to leave it better than I found it and pass on my kennel name with the positive attributes i engrane into the breed as a whole.

If you want to breed then do it right or don't bother. It is like walking on a beach and seeing a guy who has worked all weekend on a sand sculpture and then knocking it down. Why not watch him build it, ask him questions, show respect for his talents, then ask if he will teach you, if he will educate you so you can help building that same work of art?

Maybe it is my own personal rant but i hope you read this and understand that taking a life is just as bad as creating one that's not wanted and will have to be taken at a later date because your irresponsible.



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