Monday, May 07, 2007

NCL in American Bulldogs

For some time many breeders have had unexplained offspring that would have extremely odd symptoms that would include loss of moblity and co-ordination.

There did not appear to have any physical pain in the dogs but lets not forget this is a bulldog and they are without a doubt still quite stoic when it comes to pain.

The NCL itself usually would begin in the back legs and as teh disease would progress it would force the dogs back legs to widen when at rest and would eventually increase up to the front legs.

The dogs would exhibit some mucle twitching when asleep but there would be no major loss of muscle tone in the affected bulldogs.

This is a genetic disease and it is passed as a Autosomal recessive mode of inheritance. Or it has be be present in both parents for an offspring to get it. That stated if only one parent has it the offspring may still be a carrier. So testing in certain poulations of American Bulldogs is necessary to ensure this is not engrained in our breed.


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