Thursday, September 28, 2006

testing drive for bomb detection

Testing Drives
Behaviors which are positive for detection dog work are followed by +Behaviors which are negative are followed by -
Select a toy such as a tennis ball, kong or hard rubber ball
Take the dog to an area where you can throw the toy into THICK brush or grass and at least 50 feet out
With a helper holding the dog, throw the ball out into the tall cover. Make sure the dog knows that you did throw the ball, but cannot SEE the ball where it lays. A "chuck-it" toy works well for this.
Wait 30 seconds and then release the dog (loose or on a very long line) and encourage the dog to retrieve the object.
The dog must eagerly and intensely retrieve the object. + Repeat at least 20 times. It doesn't matter if the dog does not bring the toy directly back to the thrower. What matters is the desire to hunt for the toy. + This is why it is important that the dog can't see the toy after it lands.
When the dog is quite tired, attract the dog with a toy as a bowl of water is offered to the dog. Does the dog leave the toy to drink? - Do you need to put the toy away in order to get the dog to drink? +
Throw the ball, send the dog then walk away. Does the dog leave off searching for the ball to follow you? -
Now let the dog see you place the ball under your foot. Hold it down firmly. Does the dog dig and scratch to get at the toy + or give up and walk away? - (Some dogs which have been intensely trained or inhibited in their behavior may show reluctance to dig at the foot.)
Now take the dog inside a building. Let the dog see you tease him with the toy, then walk into a closet or office and hide the toy. Do this several times, hiding it HIGH and LOW. When released, how does the dog work? Does it go straight to work looking for the toy? + Is it distracted by other things? - Does the new environment cause him to start sniffing around and losing interest in his toy? -
With the dog playing with its toy (and on leash) bring other dogs or animals near. Does the dog leave the toy to investigate the other animals? - This is not acceptable.
Does the dog hang onto his toy? + Is he reluctant to give it away? +


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